Welcome To New Telecom Channels on Topup.Com

We’re pleased to announce that more telecom channels are now available for Topup.com customers. These are few of the leading mobile network companies. If you wish to recharge your phone, now you can rely on us. Don’t forget you can also add minutes to family and friend’s phone numbers too. It’s easy at Topup.com!



Africell for Gambia and Sierra Leone: Africellis a leading telecommunication company operating in the Sierra Leone, Gambia and the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Cable Wireless for Panama region: C & W communication is a British multinational telecommunication company and a top player in Caribbean and Latin America. Cable and Wireless communication in Panama is a provider of mobile, fixed line, broadband and pay TV services in the country.

Cosmote for Romania region: Cosmote is a mobile phone service provider operating in Romania with extensive geographical coverage and services.

Zamtel for Zambia region: Zamtel is the largest mobile operator company that handles mobile and landline operation in Zambia.

Econet for Zimbabwe region: Econet is a diversified telecommunication group operating in Africa, South America, Europe and the East Pacific Rim. They provide solutions in mobile and fixed wireless telephony, public payphones and internet services.

Ceria for Indonesia region: Ceria, also known as Cheers,provides cellular telecommunication services in Indonesia since 1986. Ceria with their latest technology provides broader telecom services that can be enjoyed by people in urban areas to rural.

As a global recharging platform serving 300+ carriers in 100+ countries, we connect every corner of the world as we spread our service worldwide. We are happy to increase our carrier list bringing all mobile networks of the world under one roof. Topup.com believes in building healthy relationships with all our customers.

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New Countries Join Topup.com!

Topup.com welcomes new countries! We are excited to begin bringing carriers in the following countries:

  • Bonaire (BQ)
  • Curacao (CW)
  • Kuwait (KW)
  • Nauru (NR)
  • Sierra Leone (SL)

Great news! In addition to our current list of 100+ countries around the world, topup.com will be launching its service in the above listed countries. Topup.com’s platform helps you recharge mobile phones from the comfort of your home in 3-easy steps.

Our goal is to connect people from every corner of the world and make communication easier. We have bundles of offers, discounts and promotions in store for our users. Keep following our blog for new updates.

Go global with us!