Glo Mobile, Nigeria: Get Overload Bonus, 12/17/2014


Promotion: Overload Bonus
Operator: Glo Mobile
Country: Nigeria
Denominations: NGN 200 and up

Terms and Conditions:
Overload Promotion
This is Glo’s way of rewarding of loyal and new customers on the network. It’s a bumper package giving guaranteed rewards to customers as well as giving them a chance to become 3 times richer on recharges and triple data and 100times richer in terms of monetary value benefits.

a.    Guaranteed Benefits
Recharge Bonus
– This is a recharge-based promo where customer gets 200% bonus on recharging N200 and above at anytime of the day. Customers will be able to use the bonus from 10pm to 8am during the period of bonus validity for the denomination recharged.
– All new and existing customers on the Glo network
– Customer needs to opt in by dialing *200# to signify interest in receiving Overload bonus. Once customer has opted in, all subsequent recharges of N200 or more will be rewarded with 200% bonus such that if s/he recharges N200, s/he will receive N600 with N200 credited to Main account and N400 credited to Bonus account.  You can opt out by dialing *201#.
– The FREE airtime will be received INSTANTLY
– All prepaid customers enjoy Overload bonus except Glo Bumpa customers
– The FREE airtime can be used to make Glo to Glo calls and Glo to Glo SMS
– The overload bonus can only be used between 10pm and 8am during the validity period of the bonus
– SMS notification will be sent informing you of the bonus reward
– Check your Overload balance by dialing #122*7#
– Validity for Recharge Denominations
200 – 499 = 2 days
500 – 999 = 3 days
1000 – 1999 = 7 days
2000 and up = 15 days

Triple Data
– Data-savvy customers in Nigeria would get 200% bonus Data on any data plan of N2,000 and above purchased. With Triple data, the deal assumes huge proportions as customers get triple data volume on whatever data plan they purchase from N2,000 and above.
– All customers on the Glo network who purchase data plans of N2,000 and above
– The data bonus has one month (30 days) validity period.

b. Lucky Draw
Besides the guaranteed benefits that customers will get during this promo period, they will also win cash as Glo makes them 100 times richer. Whatever the value of recharge loaded by the customer on his/her line, s/he stands a chance to get 100 times more in Cash as shown in the table below:
Recharge Denomination(=N=)    Cash Prize (=N=)
N200    N20,000
N500    N50,000
N1,000    N100,000
N5,000    N500,000

– How do I get notified if I win?
You will receive a call from our Staff.
Glo will never tell you to provide your ATM code to redeem your prize.
Glo will never tell you to send your recharge card pin before you can redeem your prize.

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