Airtel, India: Bonus credit, now to 6/30/2016


Airtel India From 03 May 2017 00:00 To 30 Jun 2017 23:59 (GMT+05:30)
May 2, 2017, 6:47 PM
Promotion: Bonus credit
Operator: Airtel India
Country: India
Denominations(local): INR 910

Terms and Conditions:
Airtel Summer Recharge Offer

*Recharge before due date, get bonus credit*

Recharge before your due date with Rs.910 and get Rs.75 Bonus credit, once every month! Hurry ! Special summer offer !


»This is a stay active programme and hence customer has to recharge while being in the “Active” state .
»Bonus will be credited within 48 hours
»Only one bonus offer can be availed by a customer in one calendar month
»Not applicable on multiple recharges
»Incase of multiple recharges, customer to get the benefit of the highest denomination recharge done .
»These offers will be applicable to recharges done through any mode of recharge – lapu/paper/web.
»Not applicable for new acquistions.

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Airtel, India: Get Full Talktime Offer, 10/23/2015


Promotion: Full Talktime Offer
Operator: Airtel India
Country: India

Terms and Conditions: Denominations and validity on circles.

INR 100 -> Bihar and Jharkand, Gujarat

INR 200 -> Bihar and Jharkand, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, MP, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Goa, Mumbai, UPE,UPW, West Bengal

INR 300 -> Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkand ( Extra Talktime: INR 315), Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat (Extra Talktime: INR 320), Karnataka, Kerala (Extra Talktime: INR 310), MP, Chattisgarh,Maharashtra, Goa,Mumbai,Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu,UPW(Extra Talktime: INR 310)

INR 330 -> Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Jharkand, MP (Extra Talktime: INR 340), Chattisgarh (Extra Talktime: INR 340), North East

INR 350 -> Chennai, Delhi, Haryana (Extra Talktime: INR 365), Karnataka, MP, Chattisgarh,Mumbai, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, UPE,UPW

INR 500 -> Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkand (Extra Talktime: INR 525), Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana (Extra Talktime: INR 540), Karnataka, Kerala (Extra Talktime: INR 520), Kolkata, MP, Chattisgarh,Maharashtra, Goa, Mumbai, Orissa (Extra Talktime: INR 525), Punjab, Tamil Nadu, UPE (Extra Talktime: 525), UPW (Extra Talktime: INR 525), West Bengal

INR 1000 -> Assam (Extra Talktime: INR 1020), Bihar and Jharkand (Extra Talktime: INR 1050), Chennai (Extra Talktime: INR 1025), Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana (Extra Talktime: INR 1080), Jammu and Kashmir (Extra Talkime: INR 1050), Karnataka, Kolkata (Extra Talktime: INR 1025),Maharashtra, Goa, Mumbai (Extra Talktime: INR 1050), North East ( Extra Talktime: INR 1020), Orissa (Exta Talktime: INR 1100), Punjab (Extra Talktime: INR 1080), Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu ( Extra Talktime: INR 1025), UPE, UPW, West Bengal (Extra Talktime: INR 1025)

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Airtel, Ghana: Get Bonus Too Much Offer, 10/16/2015


Promotion: Too Much Offer
Operator: Airtel Ghana
Country: Ghana

Terms and Conditions: Airtel’s ‘Too Much’ is now bigger and better than ever! Enjoy a special combo of local and international calls, data and SMS on the network that gives you more!
Simply choose any of our daily, weekly or monthly packs of GHS1, GHS2, GHS5, GHS10 and GHS20 to get free minutes for calls to your Airtel paddies, paddies on other networks and even for international Zone 1 calls PLUS SMS and a data allowance. Now, there’s no excuse not to stay in touch with all your paddies.
Validity period is 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, depending on the package selected.
You can subscribe to the pack of your choice by dialing *202*2#. You will then be deducted the cost of your chosen pack from your Main Account. The various packs are as below:

From 16 Oct 2015 To 31 Oct 2015

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