Claro, El Salvador: SuperPacks Double Minutes, now to 1/15/2017


Claro El Salvador USD From 15 Nov 2016 00:00 To 15 Jan 2017 23:59 (GMT-06:00)
Promotion: SuperPacks Double minutes
Operator: Claro El Salvador USD
Country: El Salvador
Denominations: USD 7, 10 and 15

Terms and Conditions:
– During this Christmas season all Super “Packs Todo Inlcuido” will have Double minutes (2x) for receivers in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador! .
More details below:
– Super Pack1 100 Minutes/300MB/50SMS (Actual). Promotion: 200 Minutes / 300MB / 50 SMS for 5 days.
– Super Pack2 200 Minutes/600MB/75SMS. (Actual). Promotion: 400 Minutes /600MB / 75 SMS for 10 days
– Super Pack3 400 Minutes/750MB/100SMS. (Actual). Promotion: 800 Minutes / 750MB / 100SMS for 15 days.

– This promotion will be available since November 15th 2016 to January 15th 2017.

El Salvador Online Mobile Recharges


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