Get Super Top Up Special Claro – El Salvador 07/30/2013

claro mobile recharges


Promotion: Super Top Up Special
Operator: Claro
Country: El Salvador
Denominations (USD): 5 & up
Date: July 31, 2013 and ends on the same day at 11:59 pm (-6 GMT)

Terms and Conditions:
– Any topup $5 and higher receives $35.00 account balance Messages bonus + 250 + 250 network-course navigation megabytes
– Claro network calls
– Calls to USA and CANADA, to customers in Planzazo
– The validity of the minutes, messages and megabytes is two days

Exceptions promotional balance (not to be used)
– For customers outside PLANZAZO applies for calls to clear network
– Not applicable for calls to USA / Canada
– The navigation package does not apply to Blackberry services
– The Super Charge course does not apply to customers located in promoting 10×1

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